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Eden Eternal

Save the fantasy world Utopia!

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Eternal Eden: The free MMORPG game takes you to a once utopian world that is being destroyed by war. Become the hero of Eternal Eden, because on you lays all hope of saving the world.

About Eden Eternal

  • 12 different playable classes
  • Different species of animals and beasts
  • Build a city for your guild
  • Ability to attack multiple enemies at once
  • Lovely designed characters
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Eden Eternal online - How it all began...

The legend of Eden Eternal began long ago when the people moved out of the world to create a better future. They found themselves together on a continent that had been uninhabited. The goal to create Utopia was thwarted by erupting conflicts. Each race had its own idea of Utopia. A fierce war broke out amongst all peoples of Eternal Eden.

Suddenly there was a mysterious group of heroes - the Eternal Guardians - in the eternal eden. They had great physical and mental strength and also possessed magical powers. The Eternal Guardians began the battle for peace in Eden Eternal.

Eden Eternal - Save the human race and reunite them in peace!

In the beginning of Eden Eternal you will have the opportunity to choose between twelve different classes. Become a warrior or magician, a sneaky thief or a mystical shaman. You can unlock the entire class system throughout the course of the game. Once you've unlocked all the classes you can freely switch back and forth between them.

Throughout the game Eden Eternal you'll meet the members of the various races of Anura, Urzun and the Torturra tribes. You must always be on guard because you never know who your friend is and who your enemy is. Whether alone or with other players the battles against your enemies will be fast and challenging!

Team up in guilds with other players of Eden Eternal in order to fight against your enemies and in order to build your own city. This city is the meeting point and place of retreat for you and your guild.

Eden Eternal will take you to a fantastic world that will put you to the test over and over again.

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Play Eden Eternal now for free and become the glorious hero in this spectacular fantasy world!

Editor: Steffen Schmidt

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